WaterShed is designed to harvest 100% of its electrical energy needs from the sun. The photovoltaic array converts sunlight into power, which is distributed throughout the house to run everything from the air conditioners, lighting, and appliances down to water pumps and the garbage disposal. Features of WaterShed’s power system include:
  • 42 Sanyo HIT220A solar panels:  – 36 panels mounted to the standing seam metal roof and 6 panels integrated with the garden deck pergola generate up to 9.2 kW of DC power
  • Unirac S5! clips: allow mounting to roof without need for penetrations
  • 42 Enphase M210 microinverters: convert DC to AC – maximizing each panel’s efficiency independently
  • Electrical sub-panels: separate subpanels in each house module reduce connections required during house assembly and disassembly (less work, more reliable)
  • Carlon Electric Nonmetallic Tubing (ENT): used as conduit throughout the house facilitates rewiring as needed in spray-foam insulation

For more general educational information about photovoltaic power, please visit NREL’s page on Solar Photovoltaic Power.

For more information about incentives for installing photovoltaics on your own home, please visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.