Control of WaterShed’s engineering systems is built around a distributed architecture. Each component, one of the mini-split heat pumps for example, has its own built-in controller, but can also be linked to the house’s central controller.  This design maximizes component control reliability, while enhancing flexibility and functionality of the system as a whole. The central controller also facilitates homeowner access to house-wide control and performance data related to heating and air conditioning, lighting, hot water, and solar power.
  • Crestron central controller 
  • Mnet converter: mini-split built-in controller with infrared sensing of temperature throughout the living space
  • Liquid desiccant controller: monitors desiccant concentration levels and determines when regenerator is desirable
  • Programmable lighting systems: creates different lighting scenes for different house activities
  • Hot water controller: manages energy from the solar thermal array to best meet the demands of daily house operation and the desiccant regenerator
  • 40 sensors: monitor air and water temperatures, humidity, flow rates, desiccant level and concentration, electrical power generated and consumed
  • 35 control elements: including switches for pumps, valves and fans