Maryland’s Solar Decathlon 2007 Entry: LEAFHouse
Created through the combination of biological knowledge and cutting-edge technology, LEAFHouse embraces the Chesapeake Bay watershed context and markets a smart, adaptable, resource-efficient home powered by renewable energy. “Leading Everyone towards an Abundant Future,” the LEAFHouse public message makes clear that sustainability does not necessarily mean doing more with less, but rather maintaining a high quality of life while minimizing energy usage.

LEAFHouse placed first in the nation and second in the world overall in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2007, as well as won the People’s Choice award. In individual competitions, LEAFHouse placed first in the communications and energy balance contests, and second in architecture, market viability, and lighting challenges.

Like LEAFHouse, WaterShed takes the Chesapeake Bay watershed as its inspiration. Having gained valuable knowledge with LEAFHouse, Team Maryland develops this vision to a new level with WaterShed.

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