WaterShed harnesses a powerful solar thermal array to provide 100% of its domestic hot water needs, as well as the energy required to regenerate its liquid desiccant waterfalls (LDWs). Excess thermal energy can be used to provide supplemental space heating as well. WaterShed’s plumbing and fixtures are water and energy efficient. Some notable features include:
  • Evacuated-tube solar thermal collectors: Paradigma CPC 45 Star Azzura
  • Compact plumbing core: keeps plumbing runs short, reducing price, material consumption, and heat loss; manifold for all supply lines allows for individual shut offs of each plumbing fixture; all supply lines are ‘home-runs’ which decreases connections and points of failure
  • Well-insulated (R-16) hot water storage tanks: A.O.Smith Sunx 80-gallon primary tank with heater core focuses heat from the solar array, while the secondary pre-heat StorMaxx Ptec 1052HX tank provides back-up heat storage
  • Low flow fixtures: high-end modern look Vero 14 Series Shower Trim T144253 (1.5 gpm) and Vero lavatory faucet 553LF (1.5 gpm).
  • Dual flush toilet: wall-hung toilet paired with in-wall tank system helps save space and integrates clean and modern aesthetic with dual flush system low consumption (1.6 gpf and 0.8 gpf)
  • High-efficiency appliances: clothes washer by LG and dishwasher by Miele