WaterShed’s Residents

WaterShed is intended for a working couple who can use the house as both home and office. This demographic is prevalent within the Baltimore/Washington market, where many home-based businesses exist. The design also facilitates telecommuting, saving residents time, fuel and car-maintenance expenses in one of the most congested areas in the country. WaterShed’s beautiful integration of design, materials, engineering, and ‘living systems’ make it desirable to any market, but it has special meaning for those interested in a sustainable and holistic lifestyle. WaterShed provides its residents with a comfortable, convenient living environment in harmony with nature.


Solar-powered homes like WaterShed are affordable for their owners because the upfront investments in energy‐saving and water‐saving technologies pay for themselves several times over in reduced operating costs. At a community scale, these technologies save all of us investments in new power plants, storm-sewer and sanitary sewer construction. Ultimately, the type of distributed, sustainable infrastructure demonstrated by WaterShed will save our country untold billions of dollars in environmental remediation, health care costs, military expenditures and other ‘indirect’ costs associated with fossil fuels and water misuse.