Heating and Cooling
WaterShed’s engineering integrates several complimentary modes of heating and cooling.  This enables a high degree of control flexibility, maximizing use of available energy resources and minimizing waste. The principle components in the system include:
  • 2 indoor Mitsubishi MSZ-FE09NA mini-split heat pumps:  Enable independent comfort control in each space (one in each module)
  • Single Mitsubishi MXZ-2B20NA outdoor variable speed compressor: quiet and efficient – 21.8 kBtu/hr cooling capacity – 18 kBtu/hr heating capacity
  • Innovative Liquid Desiccant Waterfall (LDW) system: (patent pending) built on technology developed by Maryland’s 2007 LEAFHouse team- a high-saline liquid solution absorbs humidity from the air, reducing the load on the mini-split air conditioners. Heat from the solar thermal array drives excess humidity out of the desiccant, ‘regenerating’ it for future use
  • UltimateAir RecoupAerator 200DX energy recovery ventilator (ERV): provides controlled flow of fresh air; heat and humidity are transfered between fresh and stale air to save energy – 96% energy recovery – 75% transfer of humidity – MERV-12 filtration – 30-200 CFM variable air flow
  • Electric radiant floor: located in bathroom to maximize comfort during cool weather
  • Heat exchanger for excess solar thermal (HXEST):  a hot water coil and fan built into the liquid desiccant waterfall system cabinet allows excess heat from the solar thermal array to be used for supplementary space heating. Heat exchanger, radiant floor and ceiling fan provide supplemental heating and cooling reducing the latent load on the mini-splits and increasing overall efficiency

To learn more about heating and cooling your home, please visit this Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy page on space heating and cooling.